Manchu Vishnu Registers The Title ‘FASAK’ For His Next Movie!

Manchu Vishnu Registers The Title ‘FASAK’ For His Next Movie! Photos, News, Pictures, Images, Wallpapers, Photos

At whatever point a word or line gets into slanting, our movie makers have this propensity for utilizing that as a film title. While taking film names from verses of tunes and utilizing titles of old movies is one pattern, utilizing well-known words like 'biscuit' as a film title is another.
In this situation, for what reason would anybody leave the word 'Fasak' that was advanced after Mohan Babu utilized it in a meeting? As the Manchus themselves appreciated the 'Fasak' that occurred via social media, here comes a clever move by Manchu Vishnu. Presently his production house 24 Frames Factory has enrolled the film title 'Fasak' at Telugu Film Chamber.
One miracle if Vishnu truly makes a film with this title or he is ensuring that none would get away that word, however clearly whether Manchus themselves think of the motion picture 'Fasak', it will be exceptionally fascinating. According to the most recent standards of Film Chamber, one can't enlist a title everlastingly however will just have 90 days window to begin the shooting of a film with that title.